Dos, Don’ts and Recommendations….


Do buy from the wedding registry.  The coupled registered for things that they wanted.  Go ahead and buy them!  It will be exciting if the couple has you over and you see your gift in their home.

Do know that cash/money always works.  It’s just tacky to ask for it.  But no bride or groom is going to be offended by a gift that folds in cash or check form.

Do buy a gift (from the registry) that’s commensurate with your relationship to the couple.  If it’s a cousin you’re only seen once since you were three – go with a set of towels.  If it’s your college roommate, do better.



Don’t go broke.  I’ve seen some crazy expensive items on wedding registries.  This is when writing a check really works.

Don’t make a donation to a charity unless they ask for it.  It’s a great idea and I actually love it, but charities are personal.  So stay away from it unless you have the inside track on their philanthropic activities.

Don’t get mad if you don’t get a thank you.  Don’t get me wrong, it irks me too.  But don’t let it ruin your relationship.  This lack of manners is their problem, not yours.  You’ve done your job by giving a great gift.

Be Inspired.

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