Yes, guys should get gifts too…

It’s so funny to me that Valentine’s Day has by default become a “girls” holiday, but it’s for guys too.  Now, I’m not expert of guys and I honestly think that the women in their lives should do the gifting as they know them best.

But maybe this list will get your juices flowing.

Valentines Day Gifts for the Guys

Resource List: Click the gift to access the resource site.

SASSY:   A Couples Massage
TECH:     Mophie Cell Phone Juice Pack Electronic Tablet
PERSONAL:   Collegiate Apparel
EXPERIENCE: Sports Tickets;  Sports Jersey;  Golf Lessons;  Golf Clubs
FOR WORK:  Engraved Mugs;  Briefcases and Bags;  Shirts
TRADITIONAL:  Cologne;  Neckties or Bow ties;  Cufflinks;  Wristwatch

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