The Sweetest Thank You

It’s quick, easy and relatively inexpensive (pinky promise)…

My team at work had a major success last month (hence the lack of blogs, my bad).  I was able to sign off on some bonuses/awards for them – which is great.  But I prefer something just a little more tangible to show my appreciation for all of their hard work.

Et voila – Cupcakes!

Gourmet cupcakes make a great thank you especially for small office get-togethers.

I got these from Kupcakes and Co. (a great spot not too far my from job that opens up at 7 a.m.)  Their cupcakes are so good and they have gluten free options.

And Cookies!

I also had the opportunity to thank some of our non-profit teammates who helped us reach our team success.  If you’re familiar with this blog then you know I love sending Cheryl’s Cookie Cards.  I went a little bigger this time and splurged on a cookie pail.


I was completely charmed by this cow-themed one “Moochas Gracias” – that cow face still cracks me up!

See easy!

Be Inspired.



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