Call off the search because I’ve done it….The Zodiac Collection - Perfect Birthday Gift

Yes, that’s right, I have found the PERFECT gift for gals of all ages, races, creeds, and religions (well maybe not religions).

But this gift is good for the ladies in my family, my girlfriends, sorority sisters, and co-workers.

It’s not offensive (hopefully) and won’t break the bank.

Quick background, I had a little time this morning and was following one of my favorite blogs – TheSkinnyHipster – and she was wearing a Zodiac shirt in her photo.  I had to find it and luckily she provided the link.

So for your consideration, I’m offering this Zodiac t-shirt, courtesy of Luxe Livingston, LLC as the perfect birthday gift for the ladies in your life. 

To purchase the shirt simply click the shirt with the Zodiac sign of your liking.


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