The “Apres Holiday” StockUp – Drinkware

PART I: DRINKWARE (Mugs, Cups, and Etc.)

I’m big on stocking up on gifts so that you have them on hand, and post-holiday sales are a great time to do so.  Everything that’s still available (and there is plenty) is marked down – so take advantage.

When it comes to drinkware, my go-to place for quality mugs is Anthropologie.  I have gifted their “monogram mugs” many times this year.

Top: Anthropologie “Monogram Mug”

Bottom: Anthropologie “Crowned Leaf Mug”



But don’t sleep on Starbucks!

They have some great options too.  I especially love their stainless steel items.  Below is their Stainless Steel Cold Cup.


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