It takes a little work to get a good favor done…


Pinterest was my source for baby shower favor ideas, especially once the mom-to-be had come up with her theme.  My friend, and the soon to be mommy, actually created a private board that we could use to pin and share ideas.  I highly recommend it.  Based on the boards, I came up with a concept and design for her baby shower and started sourcing the favors.

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Sometimes the hardest part about DIY is finding sources.  It look a while but I was finally able to pin down a few (pun intended).  Take what you need (trust me – finding mason jars sounds easier than it is).

Baby Shower Favor SourcesFillmore Container  l   Oriental Trading Co.  l   Zazzle


Once the favors are done, then it’s a matter of displaying them to their best advantage.  In this case the cake table was great!  But I’ve seen (and placed) favors at place settings or at a special table by the door so that guests could take one as they leave.  One hostess went from table to table and handed them out to each guests in thanks for their attendance. So my suggestion is that you do whatever works – no wrong answers here!

100_0482Be Inspired…

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