Because appreciation is critical…

I recently had a little rant over the importance of saying thank you.  Although I promise that I’m over it, I have found that those feelings have translated into great blog content and has kept me on my “gratitude toes” so to speak.

So in order to walk my talk I took the opportunity to thank one of the members of my team for doing an awesome job in putting together a major event at our workplace.  She did great and putting together this little desk delivery was a simple, inexpensive and appropriate way to say thanks.

img_1770How to do your own desk delivery:

  1. Choose your packaging.  It could be a box or a gift bag  I went with a glass jar with a chalk label on it that I could use to write a message (lesson: writing on a mini chalkboard is not easy).  I picked up my jar at Hobby Lobby.
  2. Fill the package.  I used my teammates favorite – Dove dark chocolates.  But it could be mints or gumballs.  You could also fill it with office supplies or other doodads.

Be Inspired.

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