Because who wouldn’t like guaranteed snacks and groceries….



Sends healthy snacks by mail.  You choose the types of snacks that you want (being super careful of food allergies) and you can have the box sent to your home or office – which is a nice way to share the healthy wealth.   The price is also very reasonable at $11.95 per box.  Even better you can cancel at any time.

Hello Fresh


A recipe and food delivery service that helps you become the top chef that you have always wanted to be but don’t have the time or energy to become (maybe that’s just me).  Hello Fresh delivers healthy recipes and fresh ingredients (so no grocery shopping for you, which is typically half the battle).  The shipping is free and a typical box costs you about $10 per person per meal.

If you’re buying a gift for a single guy or gal, this may be a good choice as it allows you to make “one serving”.  It also has options for vegetarians and family meals.

Blue Apron


Like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron offers recipe and grocery deliveries.  I’m particularly impressed that their groceries arrive in a refrigerated box so that you don’t have to rush home to meet the milkman, so to speak.  Blue Apron offers 2-person and Family Plans that will run you about $60 or $70 per week, respectively for about three recipes per week.  Shipping is free and you can skip weeks or cancel at any time. 

I like this as a gift option for new homeowners who don’t have time to shop or who are new to a town and learning the lay of the land.  

Be Inspired.


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