Cause Fitness Folks Love New Gear…


UnknownI almost didn’t list this one here because it’s more what I would call a “hybrid” box.  While fitness is a part, it also includes beauty and fashion items from companies like Dermalogica.  But I have to admit I like the concept – “look good, feel good.”

At $49.99 this shipment comes every three months.  You can also buy a year-long subscription for someone at $179.99.  In addition, all of the products are full-sized, which can be a benefit (or a curse – but re-gifiting a gift is always an option.)

Barbella Box

Unknown-1A pure fitness subscription site that offers fitness gear, snacks, and supplements.  This is a monthly shipment site that allows you a “subscription payment plan” – a monthly plan for $49.99 (that can be cancelled at any time), a quarterly plan for $141.00 (saves almost $10 over three months), and a yearly plan for $540 (that saves the subscriber about $60 over that timeframe).


G22A1157_largeA new discovery for me, FitBox is the most expensive subscription out of the three sites profiled, sending two workout garments each month for $59.99.  It does offer the opportunity build complete workout outfits and the added benefit of being able to cancel the subscription at any time.  They also have an app.

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