A Gift for Art Aficionados…

At lunch with friends a few weeks ago we were talking about subscription services and this “Special Delivery” blog series was born.  As I have delved into this series, I have learned so much about what’s available, including Art In A BoxArt-Box

Based in Oakland, Calif., Art In A Box works just like any other subscription service, but instead of makeup or wine, you get art mediums.  You have a choice in medium (ceramic, printmaking, painting, etc.) but the surprise is in the artist or piece that comes in the mail.

As a side benefit, the site also offers a Bronze in a Box, through a partnership with local artists.  I find this very cool.  Who wouldn’t want to add a bronze to their collections (just to say you did).

The subscription is not unreasonable at $50/month – which includes shipping.

What I like best is that you can buy the subscription in relatively short term increments (3 months) – making it a great gift.

Be Inspired.

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