Gifting a Classic Trenchcoat Never Goes out of Style….

It’s raining in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia -area) but the weather is mild so I am able to bring out my trench coat and look perfectly chic (even with sweats on underneath it).  This got me to thinking…

If you’re looking to make a gift to your favorite guy or gal, consider gifting this classic coat that can literally take the receiver from spring to late fall, especially if it’s lined (flannel or quilting).

I can’t take credit for the image – it’s courtesy of Polyvore.  But one of the reasons I think the image is so great is because it offers a choice of high- and low-end outwear that manages to look chic at every price point.


Just in case none of the designers are familiar to you, here’s a quick primer (clockwise from the top left):

Burberry.  The British clothier is classic and expensive.  So a trench from Burberry is more than a gift, it’s a relationship investment.

H&M.  A great Swedish based store that offers modern, good quality clothing at great prices. 

A.P.C.  (which stands for Atelier de Production et de Création) offers a very cool and modern take on the classics.  Not quite as pricy as Burberry, but definitely more expensive than H&M.  But a good spot to find a unique take on the trench if the classic double-breasted look isn’t for you.

KMJ.  Sorry, I got nothing.  Couldn’t find them on the world wide Web… but let me know if you do!

Zara.  Kind of reminds me of H&M with more of a European feel.  Great store with a great online presence.  Happy shopping!

Uniqlo.  I tend to think of Uniqlo as the arbiter of clothes that simply work for you.  It’s also a wonderful spot for classics at a very reasonable price point considering the strong quality.  

Honorable Mentions: London Fog (my favorite brand) and Calvin Klein.

Be Inspired!

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