Eureka!  I’ve done it!

I’ve come up with the perfect Christmas gift for a woman who has everything and needs nothing – my mom!

Over the years I have gifted designer bags, ceiling fans, coats, suits, you name it.  But this year I have been drawing a blank.  But how could I, the developer of this very blog, not come up with the perfect gift for the woman who birthed me?

But again eureka (how often do I get to use that word) I have it.

This year my mom will receive a year’s subscription to, drum roll please, People Magazine.

Gift About Town - People Magazine

Now you may be let down, I know.  But to understand the perfection of this gift you have to know my mom.  Let’s just say that I come by my love of celebrity gossip honestly.  My mom has been known to leave waiting rooms sans People Magazines because she had not finished reading the issue.  Not only that, a year subscription to People Magazine, which comes weekly, is wickedly expensive and when you have other financial priorities it falls low on the budget totem-pole.

So I’ve done it I’ve found the perfect gift.  But let’s keep it between us until Christmas!

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A Sleek Catch-All for all of Baby’s Important Records.The Baby Briefcase -close

Next week I’m headed to a “Gender Reveal Baby Shower” and I didn’t want to be the one to give away the “will it be blue or pink” surprise.

So for the second time this year I’m gifting The Baby Briefcase – a gift so perfect that I wish that I had come up with the idea.

It’s basically a filing system for all of a new baby’s records (medical and otherwise) in a plastic case with a slot for baby’s picture.

It’s practical and perfect and at $29.95 the price cannot be beat.

I picked it up at Nordstrom’s and it’s also available online.

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Gift a book (not an e-book)!

In this day of iPads, Kindles, and Nooks (oh my) – the simple joy and beauty of gifting and owning a classic hardcover book can get lost.

Case in point: I recently gave a co-worker (who is also a fantastic make-up artist) Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces.  Suffice it to say she loved it: mostly because Kevyn Aucoin was an artist extraordinaire when it came to make-up and the book is a classic, but even more so because the book is out of print and she’d been borrowing it from the library and didn’t have it in her personal collection.

So for your favorite bibliophile, think about the beauty of gifting a book.  Perhaps it’s a classic (I’m partial to anything by Jane Austen), maybe it’s a new author, or a book on decorating or another shared interest.  You could go bold and beautiful with a wonderful coffee table book about something they love.  But whatever you choose it may just be a hit in this day of all things “e”.

Some of my favorites:

Books are Back

(Left to Right) Making Faces, Kevyn Aucoin; Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen;
Rizzoli’s Valentino: Theme and Variations; Domino: The Book of Decorating
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Give a Mammogram – Daily.

Fund Free MammogramsA number of years ago I stumbled upon The Greater Good Breast Cancer site

The site allows you to make a daily click of a “Fund Free Mammograms” button and be a part of gifting a mammogram to a woman in need.  It’s completely free, no gimmicks, no spam.  The site also features an online store that has great prices on unique jewelry and other crafts that further support the site’s charities.

Still not convinced?  Here are some facts:

GreaterGood began in 1999 to provide support for worthy causes through easy, online actions. Since its launch, GreaterGood has contributed nearly $30 million to charities around the world.

Each cause-related website (there are many) partners with nonprofits to provide support through many different easy actions, including a free, fast ‘click’, shopping, and through the Gifts That Give More™ online donation program.

Currently, all donations generated by GreaterGood activities are distributed by GreaterGood.org, a 501c3 nonprofit. Each year, GreaterGood.org grants go to more than 130 charities working in the United States and worldwide.

So Give Pink – Everyday.


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

So for your beloved breast cancer survivors may I suggest that you not only “Think Pink” but also Give Pink!

I’ve just come off a long weekend at my sorority’s regional conference (shout out to the Atlantic Region of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.) and if there’s one thing that over 15 years of sorority life have taught me it’s the importance of colors and accessories.

Well breast cancer survivors belong to an awe-inspiring sisterhood and they have adopted the color pink to represent them.

So this month give pink with these lovely accessories that I came across on Coach Factory, Coach’s online factory store, today.

Breast Cancer Awareness Gift Idea

Darcy Patent Leather Wallet    l   Park Metro Dream C Tote    l     Park Metro Patent Tote

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He or She is a Boss and should be celebrated…

So first of all let me say that a card, even a group card, will do just fine.

But keep in mind that if your boss is great (and not everyone is so lucky), you may want to go a little bigger.

So keep it nice and workplace appropriate by treating your boss to coffee (or tea, or whatever their morning beverage of choice will be) at his or her favorite retail cafe via gift card.  Throw that gift card in a new mug and you’ve got a winner.

If you’re going in on a group gift, I suggest that you make it a group celebration and do what I affectionately term a “Bagel Breakfast”.  Get $2 from every member of your team, buy a box of bagels and a vat of coffee, and treat your boss to a surprise office party in his or her honor.

Boss Day Gift - Mug and Coffee CardsWorld’s Best Boss Travel Mug; Starbucks card; Dunkin Donuts card; Panera Bread card

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