Make Your V-Day and B-Day!

Yes, I’m Talking About Beyonce…

Beyonce announced her summer world tour at this past weekend’s Superbowl festivities.   I’ve watched my Facebook timeline light up with friends either buying or being gifted tickets.  So if you have a sweetheart, sweet friend, or loved one who loves Yonce as much as I do, consider making V-Day a B-Day!


Be a Boss, Join the Beyhive, and Buy the Tickets

Although in some locations tickets don’t go on sale until February 16th (post Valentine’s Day), you can join the Beyhive and get a special code that will allow you to purchase tickets now.  Bonus points if you buy concert and plane tickets and take your favorite person out of town to see Beyonce do her thing.

Do A Download

Can’t afford the tix, but still want to show the person you love that you know that they love Yonce.  Download all of her songs on their mobile device (iPod, etc.) and let them have their own personal concert experience.

If Yonce’s not your thing, no worries.   Choose some other experience for your sweetheart.

Be Inspired.

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