After all you’re leaving all of the prep work to them…

Wine and Gift BagA Dish or Dessert

If you have a special dish that only you can make contribute it to the smorgasbord that is Thanksgiving dinner.

*Note: if you don’t (and can’t) cook, please buy something – no one wants to be poisoned on the holiday.

Wine or Sparkling Cider

This is a great gift whether your host or hostess puts it out on the day-of or not.

  • Sparkling cider is great too – try Martinelli’s.  Trader Joe’s also makes some great sparkling juices that will let kids participate in the fun.

A Floral Arrangement or PlantFall Floral Arrangement

I’m partial to flowers, especially a nice fall arrangement in rustic colors (think: green, orange, yellow, and dark red).  But a great plant works too if your hosts have a green thumb.


His and Her Aprons

It’s a little “Suzie Homemaker” but I like the idea of gifting a couple with matching aprons (also makes for great pictures).  For last minute buys try your local Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  HomeGoods is also wonderful as the store is made for that kind of thing.

A Restaurant Gift CardRestaurant Gift Card

If your hosts have done all of the cooking (and taste testing) they may not be too interested in noshing on the very leftovers that they slaved over the next day.  A gift card to a local restaurant will give them the option of eating out the next day.

A Spa Gift Certificate

If your hostess is doing the cooking and cleaning  then she may have dishpan hands and tired feet.  Let her take a load off with a mani/pedi on you.  She’ll appreciate the gift and your thoughtfulness.


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