A Great Bridesmaid Gift is the Least that abridesmaid-clipart-Meg_614Wed_04 Grateful Bride Can Do…

I’ve been a bridesmaid a few times and while it is an honor – it’s also a pretty thankless job.  Mostly because the bride needs you and nothing is about you!  So keeping that in mind, gifting a great bridesmaid gift (often at the rehearsal dinner) is a great way to say thank you.

Here’s are some tips…

Make It Useful

The best bridesmaid gifts tend to be ones that can be used on the day of the wedding, especially since the bridal party may not have the time (or the finances) to take care of some of those things themselves.

Ideas: Purses/Clutches; Pashminas/Wraps; Makeup for Wedding Touchups

Share An Experience

You don’t always have to give a physical gift.  I have appreciated it when the bride paid for the pre-wedding mani/pedi or picked up the price of the makeup artist.  A pre-wedding spa day or massage is a nice thought too (although a little pricey).  But it could go along way to soothing bridal party nerves and anxiety and help everyone remember exactly why they’re supporting the bride.

Say Yes (and pay for) the Dress!

My aunt had a destination wedding and she didn’t do bridesmaid gifts.  But she did pay for our dresses (and a whole lot of other things actually – she was the BEST bride).  It’s a little pricey (again) but if you have a small bridal party, making this kind of gesture takes a lot of stress off of the bridesmaids and eliminates (IMO) the need for other gifts.

A Photo Finish

If money is a little tight, invest a little time in DIY and unearth a great picture of the two of you. Frame it up and put in a gift bag with a gift card to the bridesmaid’s favorite coffee shop.

The Worse the Bride, the Better the Gift

If you have turned into bridezilla at anytime during the wedding planning season, caused your bridesmaids anxiety to the point of hives and sleepless nights, called anyone out of their name, or taxed them worse than the Feds – go all out!  They didn’t ask for great gifts, but they darn well deserve it and you know it.  So handle your biz Miss Bride!

Be Inspired.

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