Packing should be just as glamorous as traveling to an exotic (or not so) locale…

When I was on one of my sales sites (Hautelook.com, I think), I came across a sale for cute and functional travel accessories.  I immediately bought the “Dirty Clothes bag” for myself (because of course I’d rather bring my own then use the plastic laundry bags they give you in the hotel closets) and made note of other items for the future.

I have not been disappointed at all, and now I’m suggesting that you give them as gifts for your favorite traveling gal.

So check out the Going Glam accessories.  You’ll be glad you did.  After all who doesn’t love a tampon case that says “Don’t Cramp My Style”… witty, charming, and usable – who could ask for more?

Going Glam Travel Accessories

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