GIVING BACK: Take a Walk (Or Support One)

Give Back and Get Exercise

Unknown-1Here at home on the east coast, spring not only heralds the arrival of flowers and good weather, it also kicks off the season of charity walks, when not-for-profit organizations, both large and small, host community walks or runs to raise funds for their specific causes.

Here are some that I have participated in or supported over the years.

  1. March for Babies: the March of Dimes annual walk to address prematurity.
  2. Walk MS: focuses on finding a cure for multiple sclerosis.
  3. Heart Walk: brings attention to heart disease.
  4. Autism Speaks Walk: supports those in the autism community.
  5. Step Out Walk for Diabetes: helping those affected by diabetes.
  6. Komen Race for the Cure: works to find a cure for breast cancer and support survivors.

I have also done smaller, local walks at churches and schools to address issues such as hunger and bullying.  So my point is that supporting these walks is a great way to give back and encourage health and wellness, whether it’s you doing the walking or a good friend.

So don’t ignore that email asking for a donation when it shows up in your email box.  Bonus points if you lace up your own sneakers!

Be Inspired.

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