Give a gift that will help your favorite traveler plan…

This week’s blog come straight from my experience at this weekend’s Travel and Adventure Show.  If you’ve never been then imagine all of your dream destinations under the roof of a convention center, add in special talks from travel experts (I was especially impressed with the editor of Frommer’s), entertainment, and cuisine and you’re there.

Seriously, it’s very cool.  My highlight though was the travel book store.  It was there that I ran smack dab into the New York Times 36 Hours series.

Here’s the gist: It’s a book full of itineraries for 36 hours in a city.  It has both the expected and unexpected tours and tips and great pictures.  Even better, the book is so pretty it looks great in any living room.

I ended up buying the Europe version.  But they also have one for the USA and Canada, smaller companion guides for specific regions of the U.S., and also books for the other continents.

So for a friend who loves to travel, or simply dreams about it, consider this as a gift to fire up his or her imagination.

New York Times 36 Hours Series

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