Because if your girls (or guys) don’t get excited for you, who will?proposal-silhouette-clip-art-1012833

Engagements are a very special time in a girl’s life (or woman, if you prefer).  It means that she’s about to cast off her single girl swag and take a serious step in the marriage direction.  BUT, before she gets there, make her remaining days as a single gal a time to remember.

Start by celebrating with the right gift.  Here are my thoughts…

A Simple Congratulatory Card (and a Manicure)

If nothing else, putting a “Congratulations” card in the mail with a little note saying how happy you are for her will do the trick.  She’ll know that you’re thinking of her and wish her well.  If you want to go the extra mile, plop down $20 for a manicure and put a gift certificate in the card.  After all she has to keep that new ring bed pretty!

Send Flowers

I can’t take credit for this idea.  When my sister was in high school one of her teachers got engaged and the students sent that teacher flowers.  I thought that it was a beautiful sentiment and it really is.  So log onto FTD or Proflowers and send that bouquet.

“Bridal” Accessories

Phone Case


Phone cases are reminders that the new bride-to-be can carry around with her every day.  My favorites come from Zazzle and Etsy, where you can customize it in her wedding colors (if she’s picked them) and her soon-to-be married name.

Passport Cover


For traveling brides, this passport cover fits the bill.  The one shown comes from Kate Spade (a great brand for bridal stuff), but other sites have them too including Target and Zazzle.  Etsy never disappoints either and Amazon has everything!



Kate Spade makes a fun “Bride Emoji” necklace.

A Wedding Binder

Even if she hires a wedding planner, a bride still wants to be in charge of her own ceremony.  Gift her a binder/planner to get her started.  Even if she eventually finds a binder that that fits her planning style better being gifted one by you will renew her excitement that she’s actually planning her dream wedding.

The Knot makes a very highly rated one available on Amazon.  You can get the binder customized (sans inserts) from Zazzle (I swear they don’t pay me).  Laura Drayton Creative on Etsy also makes a five-star planner (with inserts and checklists galore).

A Subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings

I hate to show bias, but this magazine is the gold standard of weddings.  I buy it just for great ideas and the beautiful layouts and ads (and I’ve never planned a wedding). 

Be Inspired.

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  1. These are nice ideas. Do you have recommendation for a couple that are both in lay ministry that are getting married in August – the Bride is the Outreach Minister and the Groom is an Associate Pastor. They both like sports and dancing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Aunt Lenora.
      Is this for a wedding gift or engagement gift?
      -If it’s for a wedding I always recommend going off the registry or gifting money (it always works unless they have a charity they prefer donations go to).
      If it’s for an engagement gift here are a couple of ideas.

      You could buy their wedding toast and cake set. Things Remembered has great sets ranging in price. You can get them engraved with a scripture or with their names.

      -For a fun/snack-style gift Shari’s Berries makes “sports themed” dipped strawberries. It’s romantic and fun.