Combining two of my great loves…

Transparency time.  I’m a nerd.  I’ve been a nerd, I’m still a nerd.  I’m a book reading, glasses wearing, teacher’s pet style nerd.  I would like to be cool and sexy and hip – but alas as Lady Gaga says, “I was born this way,” and by this way, I mean NERD.

But this blog gives me the opportunity to do something awesome and that’s combine two non-human loves of my life – giving great gifts and finding awesome books.  Hence this new addition to my blog.

Here are the books I’m loving and ready to wrap as gifts:

The Coveteur

First up, the Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style. Created by the owners of the completely boss site – the book is gorgeous just the like their virtual space. They’ve chosen a diverse group of personalities to profile and each submission is extremely well curated.


Next, but no way second, is Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home. First of all, how happy am I that the magazine is back?! Second, how jazzed was I that they came out with a second book? The first one – nearly 10 years old – came out about the time I bought my house. This one doesn’t disappoint either. I’m already inspired. It’s a great gift option for a new homeowner.


The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms (Claire Sulmers)

Last, but most def not least, is The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms. by Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily/The Bomb Life fame. I first came to know her from Instagram and came upon her book in my Amazon reading list by happenstance. If I admired her before, now I’m a complete fan and as a fellow writer I’m inspired. This books offers a fun and humbling look into how she came to create her eponymous blog and some #blackgirlmagic. Hint: there’s really no magic, but a lot of hard work and dues paying.

Be Inspired.

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