Essie’s Nail Color 2013 Holiday Gift Set – The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Target… the place for stocking stuffers!

I was in recently in Target (one of the happiest places on earth for this gifting girl) in the early hours of the morning, which allowed me to come across some gal-friendly stocking stuffers.

My favorite was the set-up in the beauty section.About Town - Target - Essie Gift Set jpg

Check out Essie’s Nail Color 2013 Holiday Gift Set.

It’s five mini nail polishes in perfectly classic colors:

Ballet Slippers (classic pale pink), Chinchilly (a sleek granite gray), Turquoise & Caicos (tropical aqua), Forever Yummy (a tango red), and one of my favorites, Wicked (a dark, sinister red).*

So pop into Target and start stuffing those stockings!

*I can’t take credit for the names and descriptions.  They are the sole property of the awesome Essie!


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