After all, bloggers do go on vacation… IMG_0160


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged but I took a little vacation right after the new year and also caught a little cold right around my birthday which has put me out of the loop for the month, but I’m back with some ideas from my vacation.

When I vacation and purchase souvenirs I try to go for the authentic and usable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a “Hot in Cleveland” tee shirt, but not everyone’s going to wear one.  So when shopping for souvenirs think about buying gifts that will provide a hint of where you’ve been over and over again by being something the receiver can use.

I’ve been to Nassau a few times before and have been swept away by all things straw.  This time I wanted to take a slightly different tact to my souvenir buying.  I found myself making purchases in a few places.IMG_0163

1. COTTON HOUSE.  Being a homeowner, I’m a big fan of textiles and this store did not disappoint.  Table runners, throw pillows in bold patterns and great colors…  I also found pretty scarves that made great gifts for my mom and sister.  At the counter I also pick up a floral, many stoned ring for my sister that looked like it came out of my grandmother’s jewelry box.

2. DEL SOL These stores can be found all over the Caribbean.  Del Sol is filled with merchandise that changes color in the sun.  It’s a great place for gifts for kids – like character tee shirts that go from a cool blue to full color.  I picked up a shirt for my nephew there.

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