Costumes: Great Gifts in DisguiseKids Costumes

#1  I don’t know too many little girls who don’t want to be princesses, mermaids, or some other fanciful character on a daily basis.

#2  I don’t know too many boys who don’t want to be Batman, Spider man, or some other super hero on a daily basis.

So with that being said, costumes aren’t just good for Halloween; they also make great gifts for kids!

Seriously, have you ever seen the laundry detergent commercial where the kid only comes out of her princess gear to put on the cowgirl gear while the princess gear is in the wash?

It’s a phenomenon and why the heck not?  So spread a little joy and appeal to their imaginations. 

You’ll be their favorite!  Promise!

Still not sold?  Consider character pajamas as an alternative!

Kids Costumes Pajamas

Resources for Costumes:  Party City; Amazon; Costume Express

Resources for Pajamas: Kohls; Super Hero Stuff

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