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If your best girl is planning a big wedding, gift her a new Clarisonic.  Countless sites (especially the comment sections) recommend that brides start getting facials early – months before the wedding – to get a little help with that perfect bridal glow.

So by gifting her a Clarisonic, you’re giving her a daily facial and investing in her bridal beauty.

Shopping Suggestions

  1. The Clarisonic Site.  The home of Clarisonic – allows you to choose from all of their facial devices including the Mia, SMART profile, and Plus.  Brushes are also available on the site and so are gift sets.
  2. QVC (Shopping Network).  QVC offers an entire collection of Clarisonic products including some funky gift sets in great patterns.  In addition, the prices are often slashed by about 10 percent due to ongoing sales (every little bit counts).
  3. Retailers.  Local retailers like Sephora and Ulta both offer Clarisonic offerings – typically in it’s own section of the store.  This is helpful if you’re running short on time and don’t have it to waste on shipping.

Be Inspired.

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