Falling head first into this cliche…

I gotta say, I love the whole “Christmas in July” concept.  It reminds me to get going so that I’m not panicking in November.  In case you’re wondering, I’m that annoying person who likes to have her Christmas gifts purchased by October.  I’m not a perfectionist I swear – but I like to have time to find great gifts before things get picked over.

But you don’t have to actually SHOP right now, just get your holiday wheels turning.  112504_home_hero

Here are my “Christmas in July” tips:

  1. Make Your List.  Start with a list.  Write down all of the people you plan to buy gifts for this year.  Include family, friends, teachers, and office mates.  This will help you pick up small items along the way that are suitable for each person.
  2. Pick a Theme.  Sometimes I go with a theme which makes it easier to buy gifts for everyone.  You could do all sports, or jewelry/accessories for the ladies.  You could also go with all gift cards in fancy boxes.  Deciding on a theme sometimes keeps you sane and also helps if your family or friends do gift comparisons.
  3. Get Inspired.  This is my clipping time.  I browse sites like Etsy or yank pages out of magazines if I see items that I think will work.
  4. Start Looking at Cards.  For everyone I can’t buy gifts for I like to at least send cards.  But I’m picky as exemplified by this blog.  So I start searching early.

Be Inspired.

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