Featuring the 4F’s of Christmas (My own guide to great Christmas gifting).

FAITH/PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Whatever your faith or lack there of, it’s always a good idea to gift something that contributes to someone’s personal development.  Last year a friend gave me a Happiness Journal.  It was lovely and an awesome gift whether you’re spiritual or not.

FINANCES.  Money is never a bad gift.  Let’s face it, the times that we live in are not easy for everyone and I always know someone who can use a quick infusion of cash or an American Express gift card.  So get a great card and slide in a couple of bills.

FOOD.  This is a new gift area to me, but I really enjoy receiving either food items (Cheryl’s cookies  anyone) or food gift cards.  My mom loves Panera Bread – you can’t go wrong with a gift card that buys her breakfast and lunch.  If I was shopping for my sister it would be P.F. Chang’s all the way.  In short, we all have fave foods – why not make it a part of a gift.

FUN.  This gift takes a little more creativity.  Maybe it’s a Groupon deal or a gift certificate to a dance class.  Maybe it’s movie or concert tickets.  Perhaps a friend needs a new golf club or set of balls.  Either way you can’t lose when fun is  part of the gift.

Be Inspired.

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