Cheap, Fast and Good – You CAN have all three….

In my past life of planning conferences one of the biggest stressors was finding the perfect speaker gift.  In my personal life, this comes up again and again as I look for gifts for church and sorority event speakers.

This past weekend one of the ministries I serve on had an event with multiple panelists.  So on the hunt I went for nice (and inexpensive) thank you gifts.  Between Hobby Lobby and Walmart I was able to come through with cheap and easy speaker gifts (that only took me about an hour to put together – I promise).

Here’s what you need:

  1. A Small Glass Container ( Hobby Lobby had them for IMG_027050 percent off – about $1.25 per jar)
  2. Gift Tags (the hanging ones, not the sticky type)
  3. Candy (M&Ms or mints – but if you go the chocolate route keep the candy cool)
  4. Colored Markers or Pencils


All you have to do is clean the jars and drop in some candy.  The special touch comes in the gift tag.  Using your colored markers or pencils write a nice message on the gift tag.  Tie it around the jar and voila, a fun speaker gift.

Be Inspired.

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