DIY Lanyards and Nametags

The best (and most personal) way to kick off an event…

Regular Gift About Town readers know that I’m a sorority girl.  I’m also proud to be a little crafty.  So when my chapter president wanted to kick off our retreat with a fun get-to-know you game I volunteered to help.  

The concept: Flavor-flav style medallion lanyards cut out in one of our symbols (a rose).  

Materials needed:

  • Card stock (8 1/2 x 11 is best)
  • Ribbon (your color choice – one 15 foot roll makes about five lanyards)
  • A Decent Printer
  • A Hole Puncher
  • Colored Sharpie pens (my preference).

Here’s how you do it:


STEP 1: Choose your image and insert it into a blank document or presentation.  I chose a rose because it offered more writing space and is one of our sorority’s symbols.  After you insert the image use your “Format Picture” option to lighten the photo or wash it out.


IMG_0435STEP 2: Print copies of your image on card stock (available at any office supply store) then use scissors to cut it out (or if you’re a scrapbooker and have a  Cricut feel free to use it).  You may have to test out a few sizes before you settle on the perfect one.


STEP 3: Use your hole puncher to create a hole for your ribbon/lanyard and cut enough ribbon to comfortably allow the lanyard to fit over a person’s head.  After you’ve inserted your ribbon tie a knot and you’re done!


TEAM-BUILDING EXERCISE: Since we used the name tags for a team-building exercise, we also created a key so that sorors would be able to fill out their name tags when they arrived at the retreat.  That’s where the colored sharpies come in.


Be Inspired.


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