I’ve heard it said that men are simple creatures, but that doesn’t mean their gifts have to be…

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post is one of my favorite subscription sites, mostly because it allows you to gift subscriptions OR individual gifts from their store. (I love that their inventory changes and updates on a regular basis.)  

The subscription is $45 per month, but the individual gifts can run you anywhere from $30 to $300 depending on what you buy – stylish compasses to luxe leather boots.


Mantry is a very cool concept as it’s for the guy who’s also a foodie and focuses on things that a guy is more likely to want – like unique barbecue sauces.


Also, the boxes don’t come as often as other subscriptions – only every two months – so he doesn’t get overwhelmed by products that he never gets to use.

Be Inspired.

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Take Care of the Guys Who Take Care of Your Guy…

I have to say, buying gifts for guys can be torture.  Either they don’t want anything or they’re super picky.  I hate to generalize, but there it is.  So, I can’t promise that these gift ideas for groomsmen are foolproof (despite my claim) but I think it will do.  Be inspired.

Gifts for Groomsmen

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Because they put up with their brides when everyone else goes home…

Let’s face it, when it comes to weddings grooms get the short end of the stick.  In this day and age (a complete break from tradition when the groom’s parents handled the flowers and rehearsal dinner and the groom took care of the honeymoon – I’m not fibbing, look it up) the groom often pays for half of wedding and deals with just as much stress.

So if you’re the bride, reward him for his patience and for being the only one who will still listen to you complain about things like seating charts in the end-stretch because you’ve burned every one else out.

I don’t know your groom, so these ideas may not fit, but as always BE INSPIRED!

Gifts for the Groom


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A Very Special Occasion…

I had the honor of witnessing my Goddaughter’s baptism this past weekend in the same church where I stood as a bridesmaid for her mother nearly 15 years ago (time’s a flying).

I was able to find a gift that she really liked and that I thought fit such a momentous occasion.  I gave her the International Children’s Bible to help her grow spiritually as she embarks upon her journey.

Here are some other ideas (and links) below:Baptism Gifts

Baby Christening

Christening Blanket

Picture Frame


St. Christopher Pendant

Dog Tags

Cross Locket


Necklace                  Journal          *          Bible

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Nothing says class like a stylish carry-on bag…

I’ve just shoveled for the third time this season and it has me longing for a trip – ideally to somewhere with sand and pretty drinks.

But alas, I’ll settle for my warm bedroom, especially since coming across this bag from North River Outfitter.  

This gift is especially for the guys out there who love to travel, and travel very stylishly.  If you really want to deck out the traveling man in your life, add a matching hat.

Gifts for the Traveling Man  I

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