And celebrate the ultimate Gift…

Easter always comes up so fast and gets none of the months-long fan fare found with the more commercial holidays like Christmas or even Thanksgiving with it’s black Friday deals.

So let’s raise Easter’s profile and build a basket.  Make it fun and customize it.bcb25f1690640763434aab4d05ed66b6

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Decide who you’re making the basket(s) for: children, co-workers, siblings.
  • Head to Target or Walmart (or other big box store).
  • Grab a basket or a gift bag or gift box (who says that it has to be an actual basket).
  • Candy (never fails).
  • Specialty item (little bow ties or hair ties or nail polish – see photo for inspo).
  • Some type of toy or stuffed animal (for kids).
  • Traditional items: Peeps, Dyed Eggs or Plastic Ones filled with Jelly Beans.

Easter is important.  In fact it is the most important holiday for Christians (which I am), as it celebrates our reason for being Christians – the gift of God’s sacrifice of His son to save our souls.

Be Inspired.

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Apres-Halloween is the perfect time to pick up gifts for Christmas…Costume Places on the WebCostumes for Christmas

As with most of my ideas, I don’t come up with them myself and this one is no exception.  My office sister Wendy recently explained to me that her sister gifts her with a costume for her son every year.  Her sister finds them on sale in the post-Halloween clearance and gifts them.

I’m inspired – hence this blog.

Even if you’re not giving a costume for the next year, what kid doesn’t like to play dress up – whether it be as a doctor, football player, or princess.  So while sites still have stock and the prices are low, consider investing in a few costumes for the kids in your life.

Be Inspired.


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A Very Special Occasion…

I had the honor of witnessing my Goddaughter’s baptism this past weekend in the same church where I stood as a bridesmaid for her mother nearly 15 years ago (time’s a flying).

I was able to find a gift that she really liked and that I thought fit such a momentous occasion.  I gave her the International Children’s Bible to help her grow spiritually as she embarks upon her journey.

Here are some other ideas (and links) below:Baptism Gifts

Baby Christening

Christening Blanket

Picture Frame


St. Christopher Pendant

Dog Tags

Cross Locket


Necklace                  Journal          *          Bible

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Coloring books and crayons are classic for a reason…

As a matter of fact, I’m not quite sure why more people don’t give them as gifts.  So if you’re stressing and find yourself in a hurry to find a great gift for the children in your or your kids’ lives, don’t worry, a trip to the local store will get you covered.

Pick up:

1) A box of crayons (I prefer the Crayola 64-count, but it really depends on the child and his or her age, I think.)

2) A stack of coloring/activity books.  If you find the ones with their favorite cartoon character, Disney princess, or superhero, then you get bonus points.

Gifts for Kids - Coloring Books and Crayons


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A Classic and Timeless Gift for Kids and their Bedrooms

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who, now with a daughter of her own, finds herself on the birthday party circuit sans ideas for great gifts.  So I dedicate this week to her and all of the parents out there who are trying to find great gifts for kids. 

As I’ve mentioned before, this is not the end-all and be-all of gifts, but hopefully a place to get you started.

But here’s my first idea…. make or buy a piggy bank (or some other cute shape).  They are fun, creative, and can be personalized.  Granted it’s not a gift that can be played with, but it does have some value.

Birthday Gifts for Kids - Make the Bank

Resources: Hobby Lobby; Michaels; Toys R’Us

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