There’s nothing like a prize inside…

It’s always great to receive something unexpected and this gift offers the perfect surprise.  If you are planning to send a card (birthday or otherwise), consider adding a little untraditional twist because although I love to get a card with a cash or a check, I’m not opposed to jewelry!

You can pick up a simple (and flat) piece of jewelry on its own card from a local store – try Lou Lou or even Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  So just grab your greeting card and simply tape the jewelry card to the inside of the greeting card so that it doesn’t shake in the mail.


It’s simple and relatively inexpensive.  Just don’t forget to add a little extra postage (just to be safe).

Be Inspired.

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Cute Stuff for Kids’ Parties

It’s easier than it looks….

I had the supreme honor of throwing my Goddaughter’s birthday slumber party last weekend  and although I stressed about it, it was much easier than I thought, but involved a few details that I think made it special for her.

My two go-to-places for cute stuff were Oriental Trading & Target.

Target’s  Dollar Bin

IMG_1182The pink and white popcorn boxes and white wicker baskets all came from straight for the dollar bins (so did the Capri sun juices, mini waters, granola bars – but not from the dollar bin).

Target’s Arts & Crafts Section

IMG_1184For an activity, I stopped by Target’s arts and crafts section and picked up these initial letters for every girl planning to attend the party.  They also have a great paint selection (cute colors, small bottles) and brush sets there — making it easy for one stope shopping.

Oriental Trading

IMG_1185For goodie bags and paper goods, I ordered everything from Oriental Trading.  Here’s the anatomy of the goodie bags.

For design sake I laid everything out on the cake table and the  birthday girl gave the out as her guests were packing to go home the next day.

IMG_1183I also ordered those little popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading so the girls could grab snacks whenever they wanted without having to worry about napkins.

Be Inspired.

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Happy Birthday “Shout Out” to my sister and all Aries babies celebrating birthdays today…

So I know that the word “bling” is old, and tired, and a whole bunch of other words that tell me not to use it anymore, but it’s alliterative, so sue me, and it perfectly describes the types of gifts that I buy for my sister and any other jewelry loving ladies out there.

Today I wanted to highlight a couple of cool new places I found while brunching with a soror in Bethesda: Luna and Ginger.

These spots helped me find some great gifts for my sissy and a little something for myself!

Some Birthday Bling - Tanea Birthday 2014

Ginger also sells Skincando’s Combat Ready Balm which is only available via certain distributors.  If you’ve never tried it, I recommend checking it out.  It’s great for torn cuticles, skin irritations, and other aesthetic issues.

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Call off the search because I’ve done it….The Zodiac Collection - Perfect Birthday Gift

Yes, that’s right, I have found the PERFECT gift for gals of all ages, races, creeds, and religions (well maybe not religions).

But this gift is good for the ladies in my family, my girlfriends, sorority sisters, and co-workers.

It’s not offensive (hopefully) and won’t break the bank.

Quick background, I had a little time this morning and was following one of my favorite blogs – TheSkinnyHipster – and she was wearing a Zodiac shirt in her photo.  I had to find it and luckily she provided the link.

So for your consideration, I’m offering this Zodiac t-shirt, courtesy of Luxe Livingston, LLC as the perfect birthday gift for the ladies in your life. 

To purchase the shirt simply click the shirt with the Zodiac sign of your liking.


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Girls who toil with technology all day deserve great accessories…

March is Women’s History Month so I’m dedicating the rest of this month to posting gifts for gals.

First up, is a couple of cools gifts for the ladies who love all things tech.  I work with quite a few of them, in fact one of my closest friends is a tech.  I can honestly say that they are the coolest people and cool people deserve cool toys.

Check it out…

Gifts for Tech Girls

Kate Spade Bow USB  l   Tory Burch Amanda Smartphone Wallet  l   Fossil Mini Tech Easel
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Coloring books and crayons are classic for a reason…

As a matter of fact, I’m not quite sure why more people don’t give them as gifts.  So if you’re stressing and find yourself in a hurry to find a great gift for the children in your or your kids’ lives, don’t worry, a trip to the local store will get you covered.

Pick up:

1) A box of crayons (I prefer the Crayola 64-count, but it really depends on the child and his or her age, I think.)

2) A stack of coloring/activity books.  If you find the ones with their favorite cartoon character, Disney princess, or superhero, then you get bonus points.

Gifts for Kids - Coloring Books and Crayons


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A Birthday MakeoverKeep Calm and Go To MAC

This year my mom went easy on me and told me exactly what she wanted for her birthday… a new look courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.  Suffice it to say I was happy to make that wish come true.

I called up my friend, the MAC makeup artist, and she advised me to make an appointment [who knew you could do that].  Here’s how it went.

For $50.00 you are given a private makeup counter and a makeup artist who gives you a 45-minute (or so) beauty consultation and makeup application.  She (or he) tells you what colors suit you and explains the application process so that you can repeat it at home.  Then I treated my mom to the makeup that the artist used on her.

She loved it so much she didn’t want to take it off that night.  Home run!

To plan a makeover for the beautiful people in your life, visit MAC Cosmetics and contact the store closest to you.


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