Sending a Little Old-Fashioned Love…

IMG_0876This week I had the honor of sending a care package to one of the students who used to be a part of our church’s teen ministry – he’s a college freshman now!  The good news is that he loved it, thus inspiring this blog.

Note: Early November is a great time to send care packages.  At this point students have already been in school for about two months and even those attending schools with great food are ready for a little hometown love.

Here are the items I included in my care package:

  1. Snacks (chips, popcorn, etc.)
  2. Candy (boxed cand
    y is best for packing – think movie theater stuff)
  3. Quick Meals (mini microwavable Chef Boyardee)
  4. Non-Food Items (notepads, stamps, etc.)
  5. A Special Gift – this time I included a mug with his initial on it.
  6. Something Inspirational/Motivational (book, card, bookmark)
  7. A Letter from ME

Be Inspired.

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