And celebrate the ultimate Gift…

Easter always comes up so fast and gets none of the months-long fan fare found with the more commercial holidays like Christmas or even Thanksgiving with it’s black Friday deals.

So let’s raise Easter’s profile and build a basket.  Make it fun and customize it.bcb25f1690640763434aab4d05ed66b6

Here’s what I recommend:

  • Decide who you’re making the basket(s) for: children, co-workers, siblings.
  • Head to Target or Walmart (or other big box store).
  • Grab a basket or a gift bag or gift box (who says that it has to be an actual basket).
  • Candy (never fails).
  • Specialty item (little bow ties or hair ties or nail polish – see photo for inspo).
  • Some type of toy or stuffed animal (for kids).
  • Traditional items: Peeps, Dyed Eggs or Plastic Ones filled with Jelly Beans.

Easter is important.  In fact it is the most important holiday for Christians (which I am), as it celebrates our reason for being Christians – the gift of God’s sacrifice of His son to save our souls.

Be Inspired.

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