Because sometimes you just want a cool Christian tee…

My life is divided into four pretty equal quadrants: 1) God  2) Family & Friends 3) Sorority Life 4) Teen Ministry (with other ministries coming a close second to them).

When it comes to giving gifts, I’ve got it down to a science but teens are much harder.  The older I get the younger they get and to add insult to injury I’m not as app-savvy or snapchat-worthy as I would like to be.  Suffice it to say that finding the perfect gift of a teen growing in God is a challenge.

So I hit a gold mine when I discovered Beacon Threads.  Beacon Threads is a Christian-based brand on a mission to give the world a makeover by sharing light and love. Through clothing, Beacon Threads offers a trendy way believers can share God’s love or us and their faith with others.

I happen to go to church with the owners (and I still actually work with one of them).  They’re just as cool as their shirts and their boys, who are often featured on their Facebook page, are totes adorbs.


I recently gifted their Child of God shirt to one of my teens for her birthday and she was wearing it the next time that I saw her.  


Search over, perfect gift for teens found.

Be Inspired and Check out Beacon Threads.

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