Baudville: For Employee & Volunteer Recognition

Because there is no better gift than “Thank You”….

BV_71500_TEMPAbout a year ago I was put on a work tiger team to focus on improving our office morale.  I found it incredible interesting and telling that no one on the team wanted more money or better positions, just to be recognized for what they did to contribute to our office.

Baudville allows you to recognize employees on a daily basis in small, but meaningful ways.   

I was especially impressed by their “caboodle” which allows you to place a carousel of cards, buttons, magnets and other little tokens in a common place so that peers can also recognize each other (just in case the boss misses some things).

The site also offers larger awards for major recognition programs.


So when it comes to gifts, don’t forget about those you work side-by-side with daily.

Be Inspired.

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