A Gift New Parents Will Use All Year Long…

I had the pleasure of attending a shower for a co-worker this week and found myself shopping for a gift the weekend before (I had left it too late to brave the registry).  When I was shopping I found Baby Milestone Stickers – you know the ones that everyone is using on social media to show the passage of time and growth of their babies.


So I picked up both the 12-month and holiday sets.  Basically the parent affixes the sticker to the front of the onesie, snaps a pic, and then throws away the decal. It’s a great gift and one they will likely use all year (and cheaper than buying a special outfit).

A friend of mine is partial to the ties, which I find cute, so that’s my example of choice.

Here are some resources (just search baby milestone stickers):



Personal Creations


Be Inspired.

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