Much More than a Sneaker Store…

Right outside The Linq Hotel – my accommodations for a recent wedding – is a great strand featuring shops and eateries – Sprinkles Cupcakes anyone?!?

It’s there that I ran into 12AM:Run or XIIAM.  The store is co-owned by Nas, creator of the cult classic Illmatic, hip hop icon, and lyricist extraordinaire.  So it makes perfect sense that the vibe in XIIAM would be amazing even at 11 o’clock a night.

Founded by Nas, this Vegas sneaker store is worth a visit, if only to absorb the vibe.

The store’s tagline is “Sneakers. Fashion. Lifestyle.” and indeed what a lifestyle.  

The staff was amazing – cool and accommodating without being overbearing.  The clothing and accessories were unique, well-priced and equally well-shown. #merchandisinggamestrong 

Great art adorns the store. I want this image of Karl Lagerfeld saying “I’ve always wanted to wear sweatpants” for my own house. Also check the layout of caps and the color coordination of tee shirts. #details matter

I picked up a couple of gifts for the holidays and have gone to their online store a couple of times since leaving the city as I’m lusting after one of their sweatshirts.

So if you’re caught in Vegas late night, stop by 12 AM:Run.  The only thing missing was the real Nas, but trust me his essence lingers.

Be Inspired.

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