In Coral Gables, Florida

We’re almost a month into the new year and it’s time to get back on my blogging bandwagon.  Let me start with a pretty awesome find that I made when spending a night in Coral Gables, right outside of Miami.

Books & Books

Books & Books is a throwback combination of bookstore and library and I loved every moment of my time in that store.  If I wasn’t catching a cruise ship I would have lingered a while longer in their stacks and outdoor cafe.
IMG_1071They actually have a rolling ladder, the old-school type that allows you to reach books on shelves that run from floor to ceiling.


When I was done shopping and waiting for my friend to complete her purchase I had a lovely seat in their courtyard which is where they display all of the magazines.

IMG_1069And probably best of all, since I was headed on a cruise and didn’t want to add to my already bulging suitcase, they shipped my awesome find to my house (The Trenchcoat book) and it was waiting for me when I got home.

Did I mention that they have a ROOM full some of the most epic fashion books I’ve ever seen.  Totally gift-worthy.


Be Inspired.

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