Eureka!  I’ve done it!

I’ve come up with the perfect Christmas gift for a woman who has everything and needs nothing – my mom!

Over the years I have gifted designer bags, ceiling fans, coats, suits, you name it.  But this year I have been drawing a blank.  But how could I, the developer of this very blog, not come up with the perfect gift for the woman who birthed me?

But again eureka (how often do I get to use that word) I have it.

This year my mom will receive a year’s subscription to, drum roll please, People Magazine.

Gift About Town - People Magazine

Now you may be let down, I know.  But to understand the perfection of this gift you have to know my mom.  Let’s just say that I come by my love of celebrity gossip honestly.  My mom has been known to leave waiting rooms sans People Magazines because she had not finished reading the issue.  Not only that, a year subscription to People Magazine, which comes weekly, is wickedly expensive and when you have other financial priorities it falls low on the budget totem-pole.

So I’ve done it I’ve found the perfect gift.  But let’s keep it between us until Christmas!

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