Baudville: For Employee & Volunteer Recognition

Because there is no better gift than “Thank You”….

BV_71500_TEMPAbout a year ago I was put on a work tiger team to focus on improving our office morale.  I found it incredible interesting and telling that no one on the team wanted more money or better positions, just to be recognized for what they did to contribute to our office.

Baudville allows you to recognize employees on a daily basis in small, but meaningful ways.   

I was especially impressed by their “caboodle” which allows you to place a carousel of cards, buttons, magnets and other little tokens in a common place so that peers can also recognize each other (just in case the boss misses some things).

The site also offers larger awards for major recognition programs.


So when it comes to gifts, don’t forget about those you work side-by-side with daily.

Be Inspired.

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Send Something Sweet in the Mail…

cco_SPR16_158001ccco_ho13_123381cOne of my favorite gifts to send for just about every occasion is a Cheryl’s Cookie Card.  

They’ve recently gone up by 99 cents (they used to be $5 flat), but at $5.99 for the cookie and the card with no additional shipping fees, you’re spending only slightly less than you would on a card from Target and adding a gift to boot!

People LOVE them and they are always so pleasantly surprised to receive them.

Give Cheryl’s and her cookie cards a try.  I guarantee that you won’t be sorry.

Be Inspired.


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Cute Stuff for Kids’ Parties

It’s easier than it looks….

I had the supreme honor of throwing my Goddaughter’s birthday slumber party last weekend  and although I stressed about it, it was much easier than I thought, but involved a few details that I think made it special for her.

My two go-to-places for cute stuff were Oriental Trading & Target.

Target’s  Dollar Bin

IMG_1182The pink and white popcorn boxes and white wicker baskets all came from straight for the dollar bins (so did the Capri sun juices, mini waters, granola bars – but not from the dollar bin).

Target’s Arts & Crafts Section

IMG_1184For an activity, I stopped by Target’s arts and crafts section and picked up these initial letters for every girl planning to attend the party.  They also have a great paint selection (cute colors, small bottles) and brush sets there — making it easy for one stope shopping.

Oriental Trading

IMG_1185For goodie bags and paper goods, I ordered everything from Oriental Trading.  Here’s the anatomy of the goodie bags.

For design sake I laid everything out on the cake table and the  birthday girl gave the out as her guests were packing to go home the next day.

IMG_1183I also ordered those little popcorn boxes from Oriental Trading so the girls could grab snacks whenever they wanted without having to worry about napkins.

Be Inspired.

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Man Gift: The Bevel Shave System

Because It’s So Hard to Find a Good Gift for Men…home-products-f97f1a8cebdaf45443338ec17577c393

I recently learned about Walker & Company via a news short on  I was not only impressed by the company, I found myself intrigued by a product they had developed called the Bevel Shave System.

It’s a shave system created especially for African American men who often have challenges getting a clean and close shave due to the curl pattern in black hair which makes African American men (and women, for that matter) prone to ingrown hair, shave bumps, and the gamut of other shaving complications.

If you have a man in your life, this may make a great gift.  They even have a link to gift the set on the site.

While you’re at it, check out the company.

Walker & Company from Bevel on Vimeo.

Be inspired.

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Meet Pinch Provisions

The Perfect All Around Gift….

I was breezing through Sephora one day and came across a gift that I think that all girls about town should keep on hand for hostess gifts or visitors from out of town.  Meet Pinch Provisions, a cute little kit that includes some of your most needed items for emergencies.  They also come in specialities.
pinch_provisions_packageFor brides, because what bride doesn’t have some type of emergency on her wedding day?


For moms, because what mother hasn’t had to deal with an unruly child?


Of course, you can make your own, but why when someone else has already done the work (and made the cute packaging)?

Be Inspired.

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Make Your V-Day and B-Day!

Yes, I’m Talking About Beyonce…

Beyonce announced her summer world tour at this past weekend’s Superbowl festivities.   I’ve watched my Facebook timeline light up with friends either buying or being gifted tickets.  So if you have a sweetheart, sweet friend, or loved one who loves Yonce as much as I do, consider making V-Day a B-Day!


Be a Boss, Join the Beyhive, and Buy the Tickets

Although in some locations tickets don’t go on sale until February 16th (post Valentine’s Day), you can join the Beyhive and get a special code that will allow you to purchase tickets now.  Bonus points if you buy concert and plane tickets and take your favorite person out of town to see Beyonce do her thing.

Do A Download

Can’t afford the tix, but still want to show the person you love that you know that they love Yonce.  Download all of her songs on their mobile device (iPod, etc.) and let them have their own personal concert experience.

If Yonce’s not your thing, no worries.   Choose some other experience for your sweetheart.

Be Inspired.

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