It’s a fun way to send off your college student in style…

At the end of last summer I found myself inspired by my cousin’s “Trunk Party”.  He was headed off to university and his parents threw him a great party that we all got to participate in.

Here’s how it worked:

  • Invitations went out to the trunk party.Trunk Party Image
  • Included in the invitation was a shopping list of all the things he would need to start his college career (large and small).
  • The list included items like toothpaste, laundry detergent, soap, a roll of quarters… you get the picture. 
  • We also had the choice of purchasing small dollar gift cards to Target and Walmart.
  • When guests arrived at the party they gave my cousin a hug and threw the item(s) in his trunk.

Why this idea is genius:

The genius is two-fold.  One, I feel like I contributed to my cousin’s college experience (even it was a box of dryer sheets) and two, rather than racking my brain over what great gift to bring, I just added him to my weekly grocery shopping list.

A win for the giver and the receiver – a concept I can completely get behind.  Be Inspired.

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College textbooks are so expensive they’ll appreciate it and so will their parents…

If you’re still struggling with a gift for a college-bound student, fret no more.  My suggestion is that you give the student the gift of a textbook or two.  When they’re going into sticker shock at the bookstore counter, they’ll appreciate you.

Here are some options:Textbooks Image

1. Buy a gift card or certificate from a major textbook distributor:

Barnes and Noble

2. Give them money in gift card form:

VISA or American Express Gift Card.

3. Give the parents money to add to their student ID cards (I’m pretty sure schools still do this, but I admit that I’m a little removed).

My advice in this case is that you don’t give less than $50.  It’s hard to find books cheaper than that.

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They’ll think of you every time they do laundry….Laundry Bags

This is the time of year when all good students must head back to class.  This is an exceptionally special time for college-bound students headed off to their first year of college (especially those planning to live on campus).

So if you want to send off your favorite college-bound student in style, but have no idea where to start, consider the practical… in this case a new laundry bag, detergent, and a set of dryer sheets.

If you buy a good canvas bag then they can also use it for quick weekends home.  A strong canvas one will stand the test of time (I eventually gave mine to my sister it was such a trooper).

Shopping Options:
Crate & Barrel
Dot & Bo
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Let’s AJ’s Collection Tickle Your Fancy…

Or your collarbone, wrist, or key ring. I don’t do site profiles often so when I do know that the site is worth taking a look at.  AJ’s Collection, which lives up to their tagline “personalized jewelry to remember”, has some really beautiful, unique, and customizable pieces that allow you to commemorate the important people and dates in your life.

Head to AJ’s Collection to check it out. 

Look out family and friends… you’ll be my guinea pigs as birthdays roll around.

And here’s a little eye candy from the site.Profile-AJs Collection


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Take Care of the Guys Who Take Care of Your Guy…

I have to say, buying gifts for guys can be torture.  Either they don’t want anything or they’re super picky.  I hate to generalize, but there it is.  So, I can’t promise that these gift ideas for groomsmen are foolproof (despite my claim) but I think it will do.  Be inspired.

Gifts for Groomsmen

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Because they put up with their brides when everyone else goes home…

Let’s face it, when it comes to weddings grooms get the short end of the stick.  In this day and age (a complete break from tradition when the groom’s parents handled the flowers and rehearsal dinner and the groom took care of the honeymoon – I’m not fibbing, look it up) the groom often pays for half of wedding and deals with just as much stress.

So if you’re the bride, reward him for his patience and for being the only one who will still listen to you complain about things like seating charts in the end-stretch because you’ve burned every one else out.

I don’t know your groom, so these ideas may not fit, but as always BE INSPIRED!

Gifts for the Groom


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I’m Back…

And with more gift ideas…

Keep Calm Im Back

I’m returning from a whirlwind couple of weeks, which managed to be even more hectic than I expected. But I’m back and grateful to you for staying with me (because if you’re reading this you’ve at least opened this blog, or FB post, for that matter).

So we’ll finish out the wedding season (don’t want to leave out the grooms, groomsmen, or tips for wedding registries 🙂

Also I’ve got some good ideas for those headed to college.  Stay tuned.


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