Fancy a functional birthday gift for girlfriends…

I was browsing One King’s Lane (one of my favorite sites) and came across a great gift idea that you can, of course buy directly from One King’s Lane, or actually make yourself.

All you need is a fancy glassA Bowl of Hair Ties jar (available at your local arts and crafts store) and a set of color hair ties or bands.

It’s what I would call a “pretty functional” gift.

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Call off the search because I’ve done it….The Zodiac Collection - Perfect Birthday Gift

Yes, that’s right, I have found the PERFECT gift for gals of all ages, races, creeds, and religions (well maybe not religions).

But this gift is good for the ladies in my family, my girlfriends, sorority sisters, and co-workers.

It’s not offensive (hopefully) and won’t break the bank.

Quick background, I had a little time this morning and was following one of my favorite blogs – TheSkinnyHipster – and she was wearing a Zodiac shirt in her photo.  I had to find it and luckily she provided the link.

So for your consideration, I’m offering this Zodiac t-shirt, courtesy of Luxe Livingston, LLC as the perfect birthday gift for the ladies in your life. 

To purchase the shirt simply click the shirt with the Zodiac sign of your liking.


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Girls who toil with technology all day deserve great accessories…

March is Women’s History Month so I’m dedicating the rest of this month to posting gifts for gals.

First up, is a couple of cools gifts for the ladies who love all things tech.  I work with quite a few of them, in fact one of my closest friends is a tech.  I can honestly say that they are the coolest people and cool people deserve cool toys.

Check it out…

Gifts for Tech Girls

Kate Spade Bow USB  l   Tory Burch Amanda Smartphone Wallet  l   Fossil Mini Tech Easel
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Because giving a trip is not always possible, art may do the trick.

Do you know someone seriously in need of vacation, but doesn’t have the time (or finances) to take that much needed trip?

Give them a vacation that he or she can take every day.

I was doing a little browsing and came across some great art that immediately transported me out of my stressful work project (doesn’t everyone have one) and into the dream of a vacation.

On the art site called Society 6 I came across a piece by Kavan and Company aptly titled “the Destination”.

I’m also partial to their city art, especially this homage to major London sites.

So help someone you care about take a little trip.

The site also allows you to place art on other mediums (pillows, iPhone covers, etc.)

Tripping on Art

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Nothing says class like a stylish carry-on bag…

I’ve just shoveled for the third time this season and it has me longing for a trip – ideally to somewhere with sand and pretty drinks.

But alas, I’ll settle for my warm bedroom, especially since coming across this bag from North River Outfitter.  

This gift is especially for the guys out there who love to travel, and travel very stylishly.  If you really want to deck out the traveling man in your life, add a matching hat.

Gifts for the Traveling Man  I

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Loving L.L. Bean Travel Accessories

I love comments, which has led to my love of L.L. Bean travel accessories.

The other day I posted about ladies’ travel accessories and I received a great comment on Facebook that L.L. Bean has a great travel accessories too and even better they can be personalized.  What preppy girl at heart (me) can turn down a good monogram?

So I checked it out and voila, I’m posting for your consideration.  So view the L.L. Bean travel accessories and let me know what you think.

Don’t think I don’t listen to those comments.  Keep em’ coming.

Loving LLBean Travel Accessories

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