Packing should be just as glamorous as traveling to an exotic (or not so) locale…

When I was on one of my sales sites (Hautelook.com, I think), I came across a sale for cute and functional travel accessories.  I immediately bought the “Dirty Clothes bag” for myself (because of course I’d rather bring my own then use the plastic laundry bags they give you in the hotel closets) and made note of other items for the future.

I have not been disappointed at all, and now I’m suggesting that you give them as gifts for your favorite traveling gal.

So check out the Going Glam accessories.  You’ll be glad you did.  After all who doesn’t love a tampon case that says “Don’t Cramp My Style”… witty, charming, and usable – who could ask for more?

Going Glam Travel Accessories

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Give a gift that will help your favorite traveler plan…

This week’s blog come straight from my experience at this weekend’s Travel and Adventure Show.  If you’ve never been then imagine all of your dream destinations under the roof of a convention center, add in special talks from travel experts (I was especially impressed with the editor of Frommer’s), entertainment, and cuisine and you’re there.

Seriously, it’s very cool.  My highlight though was the travel book store.  It was there that I ran smack dab into the New York Times 36 Hours series.

Here’s the gist: It’s a book full of itineraries for 36 hours in a city.  It has both the expected and unexpected tours and tips and great pictures.  Even better, the book is so pretty it looks great in any living room.

I ended up buying the Europe version.  But they also have one for the USA and Canada, smaller companion guides for specific regions of the U.S., and also books for the other continents.

So for a friend who loves to travel, or simply dreams about it, consider this as a gift to fire up his or her imagination.

New York Times 36 Hours Series

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Coloring books and crayons are classic for a reason…

As a matter of fact, I’m not quite sure why more people don’t give them as gifts.  So if you’re stressing and find yourself in a hurry to find a great gift for the children in your or your kids’ lives, don’t worry, a trip to the local store will get you covered.

Pick up:

1) A box of crayons (I prefer the Crayola 64-count, but it really depends on the child and his or her age, I think.)

2) A stack of coloring/activity books.  If you find the ones with their favorite cartoon character, Disney princess, or superhero, then you get bonus points.

Gifts for Kids - Coloring Books and Crayons


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Costumes: Great Gifts in DisguiseKids Costumes

#1  I don’t know too many little girls who don’t want to be princesses, mermaids, or some other fanciful character on a daily basis.

#2  I don’t know too many boys who don’t want to be Batman, Spider man, or some other super hero on a daily basis.

So with that being said, costumes aren’t just good for Halloween; they also make great gifts for kids!

Seriously, have you ever seen the laundry detergent commercial where the kid only comes out of her princess gear to put on the cowgirl gear while the princess gear is in the wash?

It’s a phenomenon and why the heck not?  So spread a little joy and appeal to their imaginations. 

You’ll be their favorite!  Promise!

Still not sold?  Consider character pajamas as an alternative!

Kids Costumes Pajamas

Resources for Costumes:  Party City; Amazon; Costume Express

Resources for Pajamas: Kohls; Super Hero Stuff

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A Classic and Timeless Gift for Kids and their Bedrooms

I recently had a conversation with a co-worker who, now with a daughter of her own, finds herself on the birthday party circuit sans ideas for great gifts.  So I dedicate this week to her and all of the parents out there who are trying to find great gifts for kids. 

As I’ve mentioned before, this is not the end-all and be-all of gifts, but hopefully a place to get you started.

But here’s my first idea…. make or buy a piggy bank (or some other cute shape).  They are fun, creative, and can be personalized.  Granted it’s not a gift that can be played with, but it does have some value.

Birthday Gifts for Kids - Make the Bank

Resources: Hobby Lobby; Michaels; Toys R’Us

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Godiva for a year = a chocolate shipment once per month…A Year of Godiva

Did you know that Godiva offered chocolate for a year?  Wow.  Great gift a alert.

So as you’re considering a gift think about this one that gives all year long… and even better, gives chocolate all year long.

I will warn you that at $400 it’s not cheap, but think of it like this – the person you give it to is guaranteed to think about you and your great gift at least once a month for a year.

To see this and other gifts visit www.godiva.com.



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A rose by any other name…

Roses have meaning and not just the color, but also the number of buds that are in your bouquet.  So as you prep for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, realize that roses say more than you may think.

Gift About Town - The Rose Grid

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Sign, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours…

VDay CardsIn the words of the legendary Stevie Wonder:

Like a fool I went and stayed too long,
now I’m wondering if your love’s still strong,
Ooh, baby, here I am,
signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours

Don’t let your loved ones thing you’ve waited too long.  Take my cue and get those cards in order today.  If you haven’t done your shopping all of the super chains (Target, Kmart, and pharmacies) have a huge selection.

Remember my advice about choosing cards – now go forward and give while you still have time to get them in the mail!

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Give the girl what she wants….

So girls and guys, it’s time to show the ladies you love just how much you care.

This V-Day consider some of these gifts for your favorite girl, whether she be your wife, girlfriend, mom, sister, or bestie.

Valentines Day Gifts for the Gals

SASSY: Cashmere Robe; Silk Robe

TECH: Apps for iPhones; Apps for Androids


EXPERIENCE: Show Tickets; Manicure or Pedicure Gift Certificate

FOR WORK: Delivery of Cookies, Flowers, Edible Arrangements; Purse or Tote Bag

TRADITIONAL: Perfume; Silk Scarf; Earrings; Chocolate

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